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Girl Skate UK


Girl Skate UK is a lighthearted blog sharing photos and footage of the UK girls skateboarding scene, alongside news of upcoming events.
 We started out in March 2014 and have since helped to set up countless girls nights up and down the country, as well as coaching lessons and organising competitions, parties & one off events. 

Committed to encouraging the growth of the girls scene, we will be using profits made from our web shop to continue to establish more girls nights around the country, more competitions and host more events in order to raise the profile of female skateboarding here in the UK and hopefully get more girls on board!

We have seen a massive boost in numbers of female participators in skate events over the past couple of years, a big factor of this is undoubtedly the increase in these types of girls orientated events thanks to skateparks and pro-active ladies that ultimately help to encourage learning, raise confidence and build friendships.

We would love to hear from you so if you do have any questions please feel free to drop us a line at girlskateuk@gmail.com, alternatively you can come and have a chat on one of our social platforms...

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Instagram: @GirlSkateUK
Twitter: @GirlSkateUK

You can see more of what we get up to over on our blog: Girl Skate UK